BEST main facilities to be offered are high-end computation resources, such as computer workstations and laptops, provided for every researcher to carry out individual assigned projects. Also, BEST owns several shared workstations permittable for all members and research collaborators. Thanks to FRB Limited, which supports and permits some high-performance workstations to be used by BEST team members.

We also thank our Department of Engineering, University of Hull, as the BEST Research Group can have full access on numerous academic licensed data analytical and numerical software packages i.e., ANSYS 19 R3, Matlab, Solidwork, Autodesk 360, IESVE, ArcGIS, EndNote, Microsoft Office 365. With this access, some R&Ds which are not mainly specialised by our research collaborators will be supported by BEST Research Group from our work area.

BEST office at Room 112, Robert Blackburn Building, University of Hull is the central work area for all team members, with some members meeting remotely located. We made sure the virtual meeting tools are available for every team member. This is essential to carry out BEST weekly progress meeting during the isolation period / pandemic, to discuss and report overall individually on every research task.


BEST Research Group has full access to the research laboratory facilities provided by the University of Hull’s Department of Engineering. The main and current one is THE FABLAB, a digital manufacturing and engineering laboratory with ranges of FDM 3D printing machines, from the entry level printers to more advanced industry specification FDM machines, SLA machines and Polyjet 3D printer.

At the present time, the BEST main building energy laboratory and wind tunnel facilities are under construction and maintenance following our move to the Department. Therefore, BEST main R&D partner and catalyst, FRB Limited has given their support and permission for full access to their industrial expertise, advice, and shared facilities i.e., wind tunnel, laboratory workplace. We will announce in BEST HOMEPAGE once our facilities are ready.



The sharing research input and output between the BEST Research Group and multiple institutions will continuously extend and indeed intensifies the Group to grow and mature in R&Ds related to built environment and sustainable technologies.

Special thanks to our research collaborators, the ‘Institute of Energy Systems’ from the University of Edinburgh, the ‘Department of Mechanical  & Aerospace Engineering’ from the University of Strathclyde, the ‘Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group’ from the University of Nottingham and the ‘School of the Building Environment from the University of Reading.