BEST Research Group aims to be a world class research team focusing on advancing built environment and sustainable technologies.

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Get to know BEST People

We bring together the BEST team members who are actively committed in the research and development of sustainable solutions towards improving our built environment and societies.

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High-impact factor Publications

BEST always aims at producing high quality research in prominently known journal publication in promoting sustainable built environment and advanced technologies.

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BEST R&D expertise and facilities

We provide technical expertise through numerical, analytical and automation solutions under the supports of the University of Hull and FRB Limited, in relation to building energy performance, renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies.

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BEST Research Group

The Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Research Group is established under the leadership of Professor Ben Richard Hughes. BEST aims to be a world class research team focussing on advancing built environment and sustainable technologies. BEST collaborates with other prominent research units across the UK and internationally to challenge and improve the quality in research and development, conceptual analysis, and solutions, mainly on the research areas of renewable, energy efficiency, air quality and building automation.

BEST Research Group comprises of more than 10 team members including academic staff, researchers, and associates, with one member of support staff. EST evolved from the Building Energy Group under the same leadership within Energy 2050, The University of Sheffield, from 2015-2018. In 2019, the group had been transferred to the University of Strathclyde, before the group was rebranded as BEST Research Group and established in Hull in 2020. We are currently under collaborative research with the Department of Engineering, University of Hull and simultaneously works on industrial projects with Free Running Buildings (FRB) Limited.


"We foster highly dedicated and experienced researchers around the world to be part of BEST and help us build a better future for cities by advanced research on solutions in sustaining good building energy performance, indoor comfort and air quality via best methodologies and assessment." - Prof Ben Richard Hughes

Prof. Ben Richard Hughes

Head of BEST Research Group

PhD & Research Opportunities - 2021/2022

We look for highly talented and enthusiastic candidates to consider moving forward in their careers with BEST.

Updates on Fund, Award & Recognition - 2021/2022

BEST research group has always been dynamic and welcomes any promising research topic and collaboration that fits with BEST vision and aim.